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Do you really need four offers for your loan?
What do you really need?
If you expect to earn an income from your home ensure that you invest the money wisely and on't get caught out by get rich quick schemes. Always ensure you choose your broker carefully and don't invest more than you can afford to lose.
What you need is ONE honest and trustworthy mortgage company that will shop with multiple
lenders and find you the best loan product based on your particular financial situation.   

MY Mortgage is a licensed mortgage company.  Our staff is trained to answer any questions
you might have regarding your mortgage.  Our office is equipped to process your loan
application.  More importantly, we NEVER sell your information to any other companies.  We
will be the only one handling your mortgage application from beginning to end.  
MY Mortgage
MY Mortgage has been helping home buyers and homeowners with their mortgage needs for
many years.  We help each home buyer by first analyzing the individual's financial
background and credit history, then comparatively shop different mortgage lenders' products
to find the best fit base on the home buyer's particular situation.  Besides looking for a loan
with the lowest interest rate, we also compare the ease of the lenders' underwriting process,
and the types of properties accepted in the loan programs.  So whether you are buying a
single family residence, duplex, triplex, fourplex, condominium, cooperative apartment,
mixed-use, or a commercial property, and whether your financial situation calls for a
Full-Documentation loan, Stated-Income, No-Income-Ratio, or No-Documentation mortgage,
we have the experience and the dedication to find a mortgage that's best for you.

MY Mortgage is approved by many banks to transact business with.  Our approved lenders
range from international financial institutions to local mortgage bankers that has no
depository branches and serve only a special niche market.  A wide array of lenders ensures
that we find a loan program for every home buyer,
Why choose MY Mortgage?
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